Range Safety Officers

  • Chief Range Safety Officer: Dennis Crawford, [email protected]
  • Assistant Range Safety Officer(s): see list in clubhouse

Gun Safety Rules

  2. Keep your finger OFF trigger until Ready to Shoot
  3. Keep your firearms UNLOADED until Ready to Use
  4. Know your target and what is beyond it
  5. Know how to use your gun safely
  6. Be sure your gun is safe to operate
  7. Only use the correct ammunition for your gun
  8. Wear Eye and Ear protection when shooting
  9. Never use alcohol or medicine before or during shooting
  10. Secure your guns and ammo from unauthorized persons
  11. Other safety rules may apply to different shooting disciplines
  12. Always remove ammunition from the work area when cleaning your firearms.
  13. Always double check to make sure the gun is unloaded
  14. Look, touch, Look and feel
  15. Treat every gun with the respect due a Loaded firearm
  16. NEVER HANDLE FIREARMS when anybody is down range !